Universal soft-keyboard supporting 60 alphabetic formats

DynaType is a multilingual soft keyboard (SIP) supporting more than 60 national layouts. Two additional keyboard designs for landscape capable devices providing bigger keys suitable even for stylus-less input.

Program features include:

  • Familiar keyboard layouts with CTRL, AltGr and deadkey support for easy access to punctuation and umlaut characters
  • More than 60 national layouts including Greek and Russian
  • Full landscape support with bigger keys suitable even for stylus-less input
  • Native Pocket PC Soft Input Panel (SIP) design for unobscured application access
  • Fast access to all national layouts via option key
  • Standard numeric keyboard
  • Standard gestures and word completion support
  • Autorepeat
  • Skinnable keys
  • Customizable font and font size
  • Small memory footprint



DynaType 1.3